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"The float tank is a truly transformative experience. As a massage therapist, I recommend floating to my clients for relaxation and to speed up the healing process after an injury. I was astonished by the lasting results after my first session. Floating is now a very important aspect of my personal self care. Thank you Prana Wellness!!!" -Gina M.

"What a GREAT place! First off the place is beautiful, wonderful artwork, great natural products and inviting. Second, my massage was out of this world. Leigh is very intuitive. The cupping is the best I have ever had. If you haven't, you should try it." -Jill P.

"From the moment you enter Prana Wellness Center you feel welcomed and cared for. It is a wonderful retreat away from the world, complete with massage, acupuncture, floatation tank, and infrared sauna. Whether you are on vacation or live at the coast, Prana Wellness Center is the place to go for health, relaxation and self care." -Hilary S.

"Deep tissue massage is the best! Leigh finds sore, tight muscles I did not know I had. Caring and well-trained practitioners in massage and acupuncture." -Joan S.

"Love love love! Such a cute place and the massages are amazing! I've recommended it to all my friends! Support local business and relax all at the same time!" -Marie E.

"I just did 90 minutes in the float tank and it was awesome! This truly is an oasis in the heart of downtown. Love it here!" -Nicole S.

"Just finishes a 60 minute deep tissue with Leigh and feel like someone just flipped "reset". Do yourself a favor. Just go. I am sincerely impressed... wonderful people and amazing atmosphere. See you again soon, Prana!" -Trask B.

"I did a 90 minute session in the float tank. Wow what an amazing experience. I would definitely recommend everyone try this out." Kirby S.

"Really. Prana Wellness Center IS as good as it gets. The place is beautifully appointed, real eye candy. Art by local artists, mostly. Divine herbal teas served in real glass cups. A fun floatation tank. And Leigh, who is among the most skilled massage therapists I have ever gone to. And it's all in y hometown!! What good fortune!" -Sue S.